Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What makes a House, a HOME

Elk family reunion in RMNP

Above the tree line at 12,000 feet on Trail Ridge Road

Majestic Sunset from the back porch in Carbondale

Maroon Bells on a perfect fall day

Last month my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful week-long vacation in Colorado.  Half the time was spent in Rocky Mountain National Park and the other half with friends near Carbondale.  We were relaxed and refreshed.  I had hoped to come back and write in my blog something profound or inspiring and instead we were inspired to come back and put our home up for sale!    So began a couple of intense weeks of sprucing up and cleaning out… of power washing and planting flowers… all to open our doors for complete strangers to come explore every nook and crannie!! 

During my sorting and stashing, a couple trips to Goodwill and the recycle center, I thought about my previous moves.  There have been a lot!!  By my count, I have moved 14 times since I moved out of my sorority house at LSU in 1976.  That’s 14 times in 39 years or by my calculation, every 2.78 years, Oh My!!  My grandpa, the insurance man used to say 3 good moves was equal to one fire, but judging by all my “stuff” I don’t think so!

Most of those moves were filled with joy and bright anticipation of what lies ahead…a few were filled with apprehension and a little fear, like at 35 years old, how would I raise two young girls and pay a mortgage by myself?  But when I reflect on each of these homes and those times I am flooded with only warm memories… bringing my first born home to Westhaven Drive, teaching her to ride a two wheeler on Lanell Lane, and then watching her drive off to college from Tanager Trail.  I remember one Christmas morning on Doliver Drive when the pipes froze, we had a house full of family and no running water but still managed to do the big traditional dinner anyway.  I remember Gumbo and Nellie, the strays… Mercedes, Hillary and Jag, the cats and of course, Penny and Hope, the Goldens.  And best of all, meeting the love of my life and moving my life into his  home on Rolling Stone and eventually to "the orange tree house" that we had admired from the golf course for five years... this house that we dearly love and is ours.  We have such mixed emotions about selling it… our heart says one thing, our head says another so we agreed to just “put it out there and see what happens!”

Fresh oranges every spring free to golfers
Parties with friends and family
Everyone gets to help prepare the holiday feastsl!

 So, the moral of this story… when one looks for a new home, it’s usually about the number of bedrooms and baths, square footage and of course “location, location, location.”  I admit to obsessing over Zillow and Trulia lately but the truth is, where we love is Home.  What I really want is a comfortable home for family and friends to visit, with a guest room that my mom and dad can come and stay for more than just a week at Christmas.  For the “Game-Day” parties where the Gumbo is cooking on the stove while friends are cheering “Geaux Tigers” close by.  I want a happy and fun home where our three grandsons and those future “wishful thinking” grandkids will want to come and spend some time in the summer at Camp Bebe, while together we connive ways to surprise and entertain Grandpa.  And mostly to enjoy a cup of coffee on quiet Sunday mornings with my husband as we count our many blessings…

That’s the Home we'll have, wherever it is. 

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