Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Volunteers - The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

"The Apple doesn’t’ fall far from the tree" is an expression heard often in our family.  Whether it’s genetic or a learned behavior I’m amazed at the similarities.  I once followed my cousin and my dad walking in a hallway in exactly the same manner and laughed out loud.  My daughter, Sarah’s handwriting is sometimes hard for even me to tell from my own. Getting involved, organizing things, and giving back to our community have always been part of my family DNA... or was it learned? The behavior I witnessed just became a part of who I am.

I grew up with parents who were always involved in our community beyond family and work responsibilities … The YWCA Board of Directors, Boy and Girl Scouts, Kiwanis and Sinawik (Kiwanis spelled backwards for the women, back in the day when they were separate groups!!) and local politics... I could go on and on… it’s no wonder that I have "giving back" instilled in my deepest parts.   Even today, at 89 and 91, my parents volunteer at their church to help with the Food Pantry and folding the weekly bulletins.

Consequently, my daughters grew up watching me as a Girl Scout leader, painting sets and scenery for community theater, as a Habitat volunteer... it’s just what we do!  

Last year, Sarah spent a month in Sri Lanka with International Volunteer Headquarters. She spent three weeks teaching English to young "monks in training" and volunteering in a local orphanage.

Katie has made “giving back” a second career with her involvement in the Austin Community… whether it be a camp for teenage girls with Explore Austin,  mentoring programs for Young Women in Austin (YWA) or committee work and event planning supporting non-profits and the Arts, you will usually find her front and center.

Volunteering in your community is a win-win-win!  
It serves others...
 makes you feel good...
 but you also set an example for those around you, both friends and family.
It demonstrates that you "walk the walk" not just "talk the talk!"

With your involvement, just imagine who you will inspire to follow your lead and do the same!

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