Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pre-Guatemala 1/2


In my quest for Giving Back in My Third Act, I vowed to pushed my limits to learn and grow and give…  so this Friday I am heading to Guatemala on a mission trip with my church.  And I am definitely out of my comfort zone!

I will be traveling with 16 other women, most of whom I don’t know, to a country I’ve never been, to work in a Christian orphanage that is home to over 500 children, who know very little English!  We will be spending most of our time primarily with the teenage girls.   

Did I mention I’ll be gone for nine days?  With no phone or wifi, text, e-mail, Facebook...  Unplugged!

My church has been supporting this mission for over 15 years and I’ve always had a reason that I couldn’t go.  “Not this year, maybe next!”   So... here I go! 
I am remembering the words of Elyn Gardner 
“Trust your heart and embrace the journey.”

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