Monday, June 29, 2015

Team Guatemala and Gratitude

I previously wrote about the amazing team of women I was privileged to work with in Guatemala.  I was thinking about the diversity of our group… in age, background and the unique qualities that we each brought to our week at Casa.   So often in life, we want to be with people who are like carbon copies of ourselves, but it is the diversity that makes life so interesting. 

Because our exits were quick at the airport and I didn't get to say goodbye, and in my “spirit of more gratitude” I sent each one in our group an e-mail. I thanked them for their special quality and told them how much I enjoyed getting to know them.   From the quiet one who spoke rarely but when she did it was with such wisdom and clarity that everyone stopped what they were doing and listened, to our four younger ladies, whose laughter was contagious and whose strength of character gives me hope for the future generation.  I thanked some for their amazing talents that contributed to painting the dorm murals, and of course to our group Chef who kept us so well fed that I gained 2 pounds!   (Who gains weight on a mission trip?)  Then there were a few that I realized, with regret, I really did not get to know as well as I would have liked to after spending a full week together.  Next time I will be more conscious of listening and learning. 

Who do you see in your everyday life that would benefit from a kind word?  More likely, who wouldn’t?  

I remember as a girl scout we were to always leave someplace better than we found it… it’s the same with people.  

Think about the sacker at the grocery store, the quiet one at the office or the person next to you on the church pew.  Maybe the guy who just cut me off on the road lost his job this morning, or he was running late after tending to his sick child.  In the spirit of making gratitude a habit, I know I am going to look for the good and then take it just one step further and find something good to say (even if I’m alone in my car)… who knows, it might just make their day better… I know it will make mine better… and that’s a good thing.

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