Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Masters Golf in Augusta, GA


My husband and I counted ourselves among the fortunate forty thousand to attend The Masters in Augusta, GA last weekend. 

As we had hoped for, we witnessed the “best of the best” professional golfers playing their best game and the Augusta National Golf Course, surrounded by its  lush landscaping, simply took my breath away.  The azaleas were at peak color and the dogwood in full bloom.  The majestic oaks and magnolias, perhaps century’s old, stood boldly by the  groomed fairways and greens that had been trimmed to perfection. 

But what really impressed me the most were the people.  The volunteers and workers, from directing the cars in the parking lot to the restroom attendants, who were never without a smile and warm greeting… “Welcome to The Masters!” “Is this your first time?”” Where are you from?” “Whose your favorite player?”  It went beyond pleasantries; these folks of all ages took ownership of this, their tournament.  They engaged us in conversation and were thrilled to have us as their guests!  As a result, the spectators were cheerful and courteous.  At one point with the famous Tiger Woods on the 16th green, you could have heard a pin drop.  Probably fifteen thousand patrons (not to be called "fans") surrounded the fairway and green at that moment, but all I could hear were the birds chirping!   That is until the thunderous applause when he sank his putt!!

Manners, decorum, respect… these are values we see less and less of these days, but for one glorious weekend in Augusta we stepped back in time.  Let’s bring back those days, by slowing down, taking the extra minute to greet our fellow man and engage in humanity.  

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